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Quantum Science Seed Grant (QSSG) Program

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Call for Proposals


The Q-FARM initiative invites applications for the Quantum Science Seed Grant Program (QSSG). This program seeks to support innovative and groundbreaking research in the field of quantum science and engineering. We encourage collaborations that explore new ideas and approaches in quantum science, particularly focusing on quantum entanglement and its potential applications.

Program Goals 

The QSSG program is designed to stimulate high-risk, high-reward research in quantum science. We aim to support projects that explore novel ideas and could potentially lead to significant advancements in the field. The program is unique in its focus on fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and supporting transformative research endeavors.


The QSSG Program will award up to 5, 2-year seed grants, with a maximum budget of $200,000 per project. Funds may support, among other things: personnel, computing resources, visits from external collaborator(s) and equipment for a proof-of-concept demonstration.

Review Process 

Decisions will be made by a committee of faculty with research expertise in quantum science and engineering. The committee will consult external experts informally, as appropriate, and compatible with the confidentiality of the proposals and the need for quick decisions.


Teams can come from traditional QS disciplines (i.e., physics, applied physics, electrical engineering, materials science, chemistry), as well as biology and biomedical sciences (or medicine).

Application Materials 

A brief description of the topic to be pursued (2 pages max), emphasizing selection criteria below.

  • A list of deliverables for each year of funding. 
  • A budget. 
  • A CV and letter of commitment from each participating PI.


  • New perspectives on fundamental research into entanglement, its evolution, and its preservation. 
  • Development of new approaches offering a quantum advantage in computation, sensing, or communication. 
  • Theory/experiment collaborative efforts that connect advances in quantum information and many- body dynamics to experimental platforms such as tweezer arrays, cold atoms, superconducting and photonic hardware, and 2d-materials. 
  • Proposals and demonstrations of real-world quantum enhanced technologies, such as sensors. 

Out of scope 

  • A source of funding for continuation of existing research programs.
  • A source of funding for research aimed at scaling up current approaches to quantum computing.

Selection Criteria 

  • Creative – Proposal idea transcends the current paradigms, both fundamental & technical. 
  • Impactful – Anticipated results may catalyze new studies and/or transform research directions. 
  • Viable – Project plan is feasible for a 2-year timeline. 
  • Collaborative – Project plan clearly describes how the collaboration will be conducted (e.g. project roles, mentoring, assessment of progress and deliverables). 

Dissemination of Results: 

There will be an annual symposium where currently funded teams will present the successes, failures & lessons learned, and newly formed teams will describe the projects they are pursuing. 

Important Dates 

  • Submission Deadline: 1/15/2024 
  • Notification of decision: 2/1/2024 
  • Start of grant: 3/1/2024 

Applications should be submitted to