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Q-FARM Newsletter, Issue 5

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Issue 5, DECEMBER 2021

Hello from Q-FARM:

After a year and a half of remote work and Zoom seminars, it’s been exhilarating to see members of the Q-FARM community in person this fall. Labs, seminars and classes are up and running again, with covid mitigation strategies successfully keeping the virus at bay.
Q-FARM is hard at work trying to seed collaborations and help nurture some of the relationships that were put on hold during the pandemic. To that end, our biweekly seminar has been operating in hybrid mode since September. We have also started a small lunch program. Those who sign up will find a boxed lunch and sparkling scientific conversation with a few of their colleagues at a Q-FARM-arranged time and place.
The quarter’s newsletter highlights those efforts as well as a selection of research accomplishments and distinctions awarded to Q-FARM scientists.
We’re looking forward to a continued return to normality in 2022, in itself an exciting prospect that will accelerate discovery.

Wishing you a fine holiday season —

Patrick Hayden
Acting director, Q-FARM

QFARM Fellows

Q-FARM Fellows

PhD students Brendan Marsh and Tiffany Anna Paul have been awarded the 2021-22 Academic Year Q-FARM Fellowships.