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Other Fellowship Opportunities at Stanford

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Stanford Science Fellows (SSF)

SSF are exceptional early career scientists who intend to pursue experimental and/or theoretical research in any natural science discipline. Fellows will hold primary appointments in an academic unit in any participating school appropriate to their research interests.

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Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics (SITP)

Research within SITP includes a strong focus on fundamental questions about the new physics underlying the Standard Models of particle physics, gravity, cosmology and the early universe, and on the nature and applications of our basic frameworks (quantum field theory and string theory) for attacking these questions. The research also includes a major emphasis on the novel phenomena in condensed matter physics that emerge in systems with many degrees of freedom.

Applied Physics - Karel Urbanek and the Marvin Chodorow Postdoctoral Fellowships 

The Applied Physics Department seeks out and develops new areas of physics with a broad impact on science, engineering, and society through research and education. Postings are listed when available.