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Requesting access to Stanford’s IBM Q Hub

Stanford is a member of the IBM Q Network, providing access to IBM quantum hardware and software systems as part of a research-level engagement of experimental platform.  The resources available through this Network include systems with more capability than those systems available to the public outside the agreement.  Note that use of the various IBM Q systems through this program is intended for internal research and teaching purposes only; no clinical use is authorized nor is use of any regulated data.

How to request a project: Send an email to with the subject: “Requesting access to Stanford’s IBM Q Hub”.  Please include your name, SUNet, email address, brief description of your project (or, if for a class, the instructor should send that information along with the names, SUNets, emails of the students) and expected duration.   Ruth will then set up a brief zoom with you to discuss the Stanford-IBM agreement terms and conditions as they relate to system access and use.