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Q-FARM Newsletter, Issue 8

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Season's Greetings, Q-FARM!

Fall quarter started energetically and then escalated its tempo in the usual slightly frenzied rhythm of fall on Stanford campus. With winter break just around the corner, we can all take a few moments to catch our breath while reflecting on the year that has passed and the one to come.

Q-FARM has continued to build momentum, prioritizing community building after the disruption of the pandemic. Our revitalized lunchtime seminar series is now happening weekly, supplemented by a constellation of activities providing opportunities for our renowned outside speakers to meet with students and faculty. Some things don’t change, however. The food remains free and plentiful.

We are delighted to welcome Pamela Davis-Kivelson as Q-FARM’s first artist in residence. Her joint colloquium with Vanderbilt’s Alex Lupsasca was an inspiring testament to the potential of collaboration between scientists and artists. Pam’s exhibit, The Art of Black Holes, is currently on display on the 3rd floor of the Varian building.

We are equally excited to welcome new faculty member Joonhee Choi. Please read his spotlight and give him a warm Stanford welcome.

Last but not least, I will be stepping down as interim director of Q-FARM. It has been exciting and satisfying helping to get Q-FARM off the ground, but it is time to pass the baton to a new set of hands. Jon Simon and Amir Safavi-Naeni will be taking over as director and deputy director going forward. I’m confident that they will carry the Q-FARM baton to new and exciting places!

Wishing you a winter holiday full of warmth and good cheer.

Patrick Hayden
Acting director, Q-FARM

Quantum Science and Engineering

Q-FARM’s Artist in Residence

Pamela Davis Kivelson (PDK) brings scientists together for thought-provoking experiences, and helps them visualize their work in surprising and effective ways.
"The Art of Black Holes” gallery exhibition will be on display through summer 2023 in the Physics and Astrophysics building (PAB).
Q-FARM Seminars & Students

Captivating Q-FARM Seminars

Our seminars welcome outstanding speakers; provide opportunities for graduate students to build presentation and communication skills; and facilitate cross-campus collabs!

Q-FARM Faculty

Meet Q-FARM's New Interdisciplinary Faculty

Joonhee Choi will join Stanford January 1, 2023. Joonhee's research focus has been on engineering the dynamics of quantum many-body systems for both exploring fundamental science and demonstrating practical quantum applications.