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Q-FARM Newsletter, Issue 11

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Happy 2024 Q-FARM Enthusiasts!

As we make strides into a new year – and quarter! –  I elected to share a summary of recent news. Please visit or click the article links below.


  • Stephen Shenker and Leonard Susskind were awarded the 2023 Dirac Medal postdoc 
  • Melissa Guidry awarded the Boeing Quantum Creators Prize
  • Jon Simon elected Fellow of the American Physical Society 
  • Honorable Mention Award at International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)


  • Harnessing ‘quantum weirdness' 
  • Demonstrating ‘quantum eraser’ 
  • The Future of quantum mechanics: Unraveling entanglement's secrets 
  • Quantum Squeezing to improve Quantum Sensors
  • Quest to Build Space-Time Out of Quantum Particles
  • The surprising quantum behavior of a “time crystal” 
  • Unusual magnetotransport in twisted bilayer graphene

And More 

Consider joining us for a weekly seminar (and lunch!) on Wednesdays from 11:30AM-1:00PM in PAB 102-103. We continue to have engaging speakers, topics, and conversations. Our past seminars are always available on our YT channel, @qfarmstanford.

Last, but certainly not least, please join me in a fond farewell to Nilendri Senanayake! She has handed over the reins to Junna Gui as Q-FARM Program Manager. Welcome Junna and best wishes to Nilendri!

Do you have an idea or suggestion? We’d love to hear it! Please connect with us at, or drop by my office in Varian!


Jonathan Simon
Director, Q-FARM