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About Q-FARM

Stanford’s Quantum Fundamentals, ARchitecture and Machines initiative (Q-FARM) is an interdisciplinary initiative woven throughout the university. Q-FARM harnesses the expertise and facilities of Stanford University and SLAC to accelerate the development of quantum information science for national competitiveness and to address today's most difficult research challenges.

Q-FARM PEOPLE are quantum researchers across Stanford and SLAC. Their research focuses on
  • Quantum Materials 
  • Quantum Computing/Networking Devices
  • Quantum Computer Circuits & Scaling
  • Quantum Simulation
  • Fundamentals: Algorithms, Fundamental Physics, Post-Quantum Crypto, Fault-Tolerant Strategies
  • Quantum Sensing, Metrology, Imaging
Q-FARM EVENTS include bi-weekly seminars designed to strengthen Stanford’s quantum community and increase collaboration. If you’re unable to join in person, Q-FARM seminars are available as VIDEOS. Please note that there are some exceptions.



OPPORTUNITIES - Q-FARM funding, fellowships, and visiting faculty.
IN THE NEWS - collection of quantum news at Stanford, including awards, research, and more.
Q-FARM NEWSLETTER - a succinct look at the past quarter’s news.
Archive: July 2020, issue #1
CONTACT Q-FARM - If you have any quantum related queries, or to request being added to our mailing list (available to Stanford students and affiliates only) email us at