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Quantum Science and Engineering Courses at Stanford

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Quantum science and engineering courses at Stanford are available from a number of departments. We have created this list as a starting point for students to research and consider courses that align with their interests in quantum. Conversations with your faculty advisor and peer advisors are tremendously beneficial when considering courses and research interests.

 Course number and name can change. Check Stanford Bulletin ExploreCourses for details.

Course Number: Course Name: Instructor(s)  
APPPHYS 203Atoms, Fields, and PhotonsLev / Schleier-Smith / Safavi-Naeini
APPPHYS 204Quantum MaterialsFisher, Suzuki
APPPHYS 225Probability and Quantum MechanicsMabuchi
APPPHYS 228Quantum HardwareSafavi-Naeini
APPPHYS 272Solid State Physics (PHYSICS 172)Kapitulnik
APPPHYS 280Phenomenology of SuperconductorsKapitulnik
APPPHYS 282Intro to Modern Atomic Physics & Quantum OpticsN/A
APPPHYS 346Nonlinear OpticsFejer
APPPHYS 376Cavity QED and Cavity OptomechanicsSafavi-Naeini
CHEM 171Foundations of Physical ChemistryMarkland
CHEM 261Computational ChemistryMarkland
CHEM 271Advanced Physical ChemistryM. Fayer
CHEM 275Single Molecules and LightW.E. Moerner
CS 154Introduction to the Theory of ComputationReingold, O.
CS 254Computational Complexity (including quantum computing)Tan
CS 259QQuantum ComputingRubinstein
CS 269QElements of Quantum Computer ProgrammingBoneh
CS 359Modern Crypto including Post-QuantumN/A
CS 59SIQuantum Computing: Open-Source Project ExperienceStudent-led
EE 65Modern Physics for EngineersD. Miller
EE 134Introduction to PhotonicsCongreve
EE 222/223Applied Quantum Mechanics I, IIJ. Choi (222) / 
D. Miller (223)
EE 224Quantum Control and EngineeringJ. Choi
EE 234Photonics LabN/A
EE 236CLasersHeinz
EE 243Photonic devices and circuitsVuckovic
EE 336NanophotonicsS. Fan
EE340Quantum PhotonicsVuckovic
MATSCI 142Quantum Mechanics of Nanoscale MaterialsLindenberg
MATSCI 201Applied Quantum Mechanics I (same as EE222)J. Choi
MATSCI 331Atom-based Computational Methods (including quantum methods)Reed
MATSCI 341Quantum Theory of Electronic and Optical Excitations in MaterialsFelipe da Jornada
PHYSICS 14NQuantum InformationSchleier-Smith
PHYSICS 65Quantum and Thermal PhysicsG. Gratta
PHYSICS 70Foundations of Modern PhysicsE. Silverstein
PHYSICS 106Experimental Methods in Quantum PhysicsHollberg
PHYSICS 108Advanced Physics Laboratory: ProjectGoldhaber-Gordon
PHYSICS 130/131Quantum Mechanics 1 and 2H. Manoharan/X. Qi
PHYSICS 134, 234Advanced Topics in Quantum MechanicsStanford
PHYSICS 153Introduction to String Theory, Quantum Gravity, and Black HolesSusskind
PHYSICS 230/231Graduate Quantum Mecahnics I, IIHayden
PHYSICS 182/282/AP 282Quantum GasesLev
PHYSICS 330/331/332Quantum Field Theory I, II, IIISenatore, Peskin, Silverstein
PHYSICS 451Advanced Theoretical Physics II: Quantum Information TheorySusskind
PHYSICS 470Topological States of MatterFeldman, Fisher, Raghu
PHYSICS 470Topics in Modern Condensed Matter Theory I: Many Body Quantum DynamicsKhemani
PHYSICS 491Symmetry and Quantum InformationN/A
PHYSICS 492Topological Quantum ComputationCui
EE276 / STATS 376AInformation Theory (including quantum information theory)Tse / Weissman
SYMSYS 265Quantum Algorithms and Quantum CognitionPaulo Guimaraes De Assis