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Q-FARM Summer Lunches

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With Q-FARM seminars on a hiatus for the summer, weekly lunches have brought the Q-FARM community together on the Spilker patio.

Held at noon, every Wednesday with the aim to bring together a 100+ strong body of Q-FARM affiliates including students, postdocs, and faculty, the summer lunches have been a focal point of meeting and discussion – and making the most of the summer sun. The lunches have been organized with the specific intent of not being “formally” organized, to spur discussion. The common topics included, but were not limited to, "Look how quickly all the food disappeared!"; to the observation (or lack thereof) of room temperature superconductivity; experiments in quantum computing; and the more solemn discussions about its implications on funding for basic sciences; scientific education; and society in general.

As Q-FARM affiliates span various academic disciplines including physics, applied physics, electrical engineering, and materials science, the summer lunches have ensured that the graduate student body has the bond of curry to keep them together. While the new collaborations struck at these lunches may take months of research to come to fruition, the friendships formed may outlast our professional careers.