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Q-FARM Newsletter • Issue 3 • April 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Hello from Q-FARM:

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner!

Recently our attention has been drawn to the outstanding connections available to us in our real- and virtual-lives. Patrick and I marvel at the immutable spirit of innovation and a community that continues to thrive in many new and unexpected ways. 

Inspired by our first Q-FARM retreat in December, we are continuing along the theme of connections for our third newsletter.
  • We have tremendous opportunities available with Quantum Economic Development Consortia (QED-C) and IBM Qnet, which allows access and support to quantum computers.
  • Meet our 2021-22 Bloch Fellows: two have already joined us, and the others will join us in late summer.
  • Making connections with undergraduates, graduates and faculty, is the Stanford Quantum Computing Association. The student-run group is helping grow interest and share information in areas of quantum research.
Please enjoy this edition of our newsletter and take a moment to connect with the people and opportunities that are included. 

Do you have an idea or suggestion, please connect with us at – we'd love to hear from you!

Jelena & Patrick

Opportunities Abound! IBM Qnet and QED-C

IBM-Qnet membership enables access to all of IBM’s quantum computers, along with software and algorithm development, tutorials, application-targeted algorithm suites, and more. The network also provides research collaboration opportunities with industry and academic institutions around the world.

Stanford has a great opportunity to extract many benefits from joining the QED-C and to contribute as a leader in every aspect of its mission. Read more

Our 2021-22 Bloch Fellows

First column
  • Yujun Deng
  • Ryan Duncan
  • Nick Hunter-Jones
 Second column
  • Alex May
  • Henry Maxfield
  • Mihir Pendharkar

Read more about them

Jeremiah Coleman

Seizing Opportunity

Founded in January of 2019, the Stanford Quantum Computing Association (SQCA) aims to prepare, provide, and produce a community of undergraduate and graduate Stanford students interested and excited about Quantum Computing, Quantum Engineering and Quantum Information.

Read more


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Q-FARM newsletter, issue 3, April 2021