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Q-FARM Newsletter • Issue 1 • July 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Hello from Q-FARM:

It has been a productive and unusual year. With the necessary COVID-19 changes to campus and our communities, we hope you continue to take necessary precautions to remain healthy and safe.

Q-FARM had several research and news items during the past year. In this first newsletter, we share highlights from our seminars, fellows, and visiting faculty.
As we go into our second year, we hope to see you at a seminar (or two!), and stop by our website to read more news and upcoming events.

In closing, please share our warm welcome to Lancy Nazaroff, program manager. Lancy comes to us from Electrical Engineering and is an invaluable part of the leadership team – welcome Lancy!

We hope you find this issue helpful, and look forward to seeing you in the summer months, most likely on Zoom!

Jelena & Patrick

Q-FARM Inaugural Fellowship Awardees 

Our first fellowships were awarded to scholars Yudan Guo (Physics) and Yihui Quek (Applied Physics). Yudan's research centers on many-body cavity QED. Yihui's research areas are quantum Shannon theory and near-term quantum algorithms. Read more 

Bloch Fellowship in Quantum in Science and Engineering

2020 Bloch Fellows
The fellowship is named in honor of the late Stanford professor Felix Bloch, whose discoveries play a foundational role in the field. Read more


Visiting Faculty

David Schuster (pictured left), Schuster Lab, Univ. of Chicago
Jonathan Simon (center), Simon Lab, Univ. of Chicago
Mark Wilde (pictured right), Louisiana State University

Q-FARM upcoming visitor

In Fall 2020, we welcome Immanuel Bloch from the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics, Garching and professor for experimental physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich. 

The Q-FARM Seminar Series + Event Videos

Q-FARM Seminars + Videos of past seminars

Q-FARM seminars are designed to bring together the various groups in the university interested in quantum science and engineering. The primary goal of these seminars is to strengthen the community and increase collaboration. Theoretical and experimental talks are balanced so that the whole community may participate. Most seminar videos are available on Q-FARM's website.

Q-FARM: Quantum Fundamentals, ARchitecture and Machines initiative
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Q-FARM Newsletter, issue 1