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Q-FARM Fellows

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The QFARM student fellowships are awarded to advanced graduate students working in quantum science and engineering. Fellowship criteria are excellence in their research, and demonstrated potential for building new links within the Stanford quantum community. Each of the awardees will receive two years of funding.

2022-23 Q-FARM Fellows

Congratulations Jesse Hoke and Avikar Periwal

Jesse Hoke, PhD candidate, Physics. Research Focus: My research will focus on using scanning probe techniques, such as the scanning single electron transistor (sSET), to locally investigate the microscopic physics of novel correlated and topological phases in 2D quantum materials. My advisor is Ben Feldman, Assistant Professor of Physics.

Avikar Periwal, PhD candidate, Physics. Research Focus: My research uses an optical cavity to mediate non-local interactions between ensembles of laser-cooled atoms. Via precise control of magnetic and optical fields, we engineer programmable interaction graphs.  We are exploring applications of these designer Hamiltonians to quantum-enhanced sensing, simulating toy models of  quantum gravity, and classically hard optimization problems. Advisor: Monika Schleier-Smith, Dept: Physics

2021-22 Q-FARM Fellows
2021-22 Q-FARM Fellows

Congratulations Brendan Marsh and Tiffany Paul

Brendan Marsh, PhD candidate, Applied Physics. Research Focus: My group's research will investigate the use of driven-dissipative quantum systems as computational platforms. In particular, multimode cavity QED systems that leverage a neural network architecture with open quantum dynamics demonstrate great potential for solving real-world optimization problems and for memory storage. Our work involves engineering these quantum optical systems in the laboratory and formulating effective theories to describe their complex dynamics. My advisor is Benjamin Lev, Associate Professor of Physics and Applied Physics,

Tiffany Paul, PhD candidate, Applied Physics. Research Focus: Using cantilever torque magnetometry to measure the magnetic properties of gated exfoliated quantum materials. Advisor: Aharon Kapitulnik, Physics and Applied Physics.

2020 Q-FARM Fellows
2020-21 Q-FARM Fellows

Kfir Dolev and Ryotatsu Yanagimoto

Kfir Dolev, PhD candidate, Physics (pictured left)
Research focus: I intend to research the structure and implications of relativistic quantum tasks, meaning protocols which require a collection of individuals to collaborate in order to move and process quantum information through spacetime in a desired manner. Advisors: Prof. Ayfer Ozgur, Electrical Engineering and Prof. Patrick Hayden, Physics

Ryotatsu Yanagimoto, PhD candidate, Applied Physics (pictured right) 
Research focus: Dynamics of emergent ultra-broadband photonic devices operated in the highly-quantum regime are intrinsically intractable in general due to the immense dimensions of state space involved. My research interests are in developing new theoretical frameworks to unravel and exploit the rich quantum dynamics of broadband optics for quantum engineering and information. Advisor: Prof. Hideo Mabuchi

2019 Q-FARM Fellows
2019 Q-FARM Inaugural Fellows

Yudan Guo and Yihui Quek

The inaugural recipients of the 2019 Q-FARM student fellowships are

Yudan Guo (Physics) is member of Prof. Benjamin Lev’s research group, LevLab. Yudan's research is centered on many-body cavity QED. 

Yihui Quek (Applied Physics) is in Prof. Weissman’s Compression group. Her research areas are quantum Shannon theory and near-term quantum algorithms.