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2020 Zhang Fellow

Dan-Stefan Eniceicu

Dan Stefan Eniceicu is a second-year graduate student in the Physics Department working with Patrick Hayden. Dan’s research interests include topics in theoretical high-energy physics, namely quantum gravity, holography, and black hole physics, and their relation to random matrix theory. Dan has had a passion for physics since high school when he took part in several international competitions, obtaining 3 gold medals in the International Physics Olympiad and 2 gold medals in the Asian Physics Olympiad. This led him to study physics and mathematics at Harvard, and subsequently led him here, to Stanford, where he is currently working with Raghu Mahajan to better understand non-perturbative effects in matrix models and two-dimensional quantum gravity. Outside of physics, Dan’s favorite activities pre-pandemic were traveling and scuba diving. Since coming to Stanford, he has started loving cafe-hopping, biking, and never having to see snow again.