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2021 Zhang Fellow

Chaitrali Manoj Duse

Chaitrali Duse, a PhD student in Stanford's Applied Physics department, aspires to uncover and harness exotic properties of quantum condensed matter systems that will catalyze the development of novel quantum technologies. She earned a Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and holds the Institute Silver Medal as well as the Best Thesis Award for her undergraduate research on hybrid quantum systems. She is also the recipient of several scholarships for academic excellence including the Young Scientist Incentive Fellowship and the National Talent Search scholarship. Chaitrali will be conducting her doctoral research in David Goldhaber-Gordon’s lab on making quantum devices with twisted two-dimensional materials and using low-temperature electronic transport to gain new insights into strongly correlated quantum phenomena. Outside the lab, Chaitrali is passionate about teaching, mentorship, and science outreach. She can be found painting, reading, or at the pool in her free time.