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Current Bloch Fellows

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2021 Bloch Fellows
2021-22 Bloch Fellows

Yujun Deng, Ryan Duncan, Nick Hunter-Jones, Alex May, Henry Maxfield, and Mihir Pendharkar

Yujun Deng Yujun will join Professor Zhi-Xun Shen's team in September. Yujun's main research interest lies in the field of condensed matter physics and materials science. She is interested in developing novel techniques to study the emergent properties in low-dimensional quantum materials. 

Ryan Duncan Ryan’s research involves the use of time-resolved optical and x-ray scattering techniques to study ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics in quantum materials. He joined Q-FARM in January, working with Professor David Reis.

Nick Hunter-Jones Nick's focus is quantum information theory and quantum many-body physics. Broad research topics of interest are random quantum circuits, quantum simulation, unitary designs, quantum complexity, information scrambling, and thermalization. Nick's recent work has focused on random quantum circuits, both as models to understand strongly-interacting quantum dynamics as well as platforms for demonstrating exponential quantum advantage and efficient implementations of quantum pseudo-randomness. Nick will arrive in August, collaborating with professors Adam Bouland, Patrick Hayden, Vedika Khemani, and Xiaoliang Qi.

Alex May Alex will join Patrick Hayden's team in September. His research areas are in quantum information theory and quantum gravity, especially within the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence. He is especially interested in using ideas from quantum gravity to learn more about quantum information theory, and in using quantum information insights to better understand quantum gravity in a cosmological setting.

Henry Maxfield Henry's research focuses on quantum theories of gravity, such as quantum aspects of black holes, and connections to quantum chaos and quantum information. He will join us in September, working with Professor Douglas Stanford.

Mihir Pendharkar Mihir's research interests focus on growth of low-dimensional topological materials and in-vacuo fabrication of device heterostructures. Mihir joined us in March and is collaborating with professors Andrew Mannix and David Goldhaber-Gordon.