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image of 2019 Fellowship winners, Yudan and Yihui
September 25, 2019 |

Congratulations to Q-FARM 2019 Fellowship Awardees

The inaugural recipients of the 2019 Q-FARM student fellowships are

  • Yudan Guo (Physics) is member of Prof. Benjamin Lev’s research group, LevLab. Yudan's research is centered on many-body cavity QED. 

  • Yihui Quek (Applied Physics) is in Prof. Weissman’s Compression group. Her research areas are quantum Shannon theory and near-term quantum algorithms.

The QFARM student fellowships are awarded to advanced graduate students working in quantum science and engineering. Fellowship criteria are excellence in their research, and demonstrated potential for building new links within the Stanford quantum community. Each of the awardees will receive two years of funding.
Please join us in congratulating PhD candidates Yudan Guo and Yihui Quek.


image of Jelena Vuckovic at FiO+LS 2019
September 17, 2019 | Nanophotonic Design, Optimized

Integrated nanophotonics promises a generation of spiffy, miniaturized optical components that could drive new capabilities, in applications from communications to lidar to quantum technology. But getting there requires packing huge optical functionality into a very small footprint—and that has been a formidable challenge in design, fabrication and just plain time.

Graphic depiction of experimental diamond chip
August 26, 2019 | Stanford Engineering

The ability to do this could eventually transform how we process large amounts of information.

July 25, 2019 | Stanford News

Physicists were stunned when two twisted sheets of graphene showed signs of superconductivity. Now Stanford scientists have shown that the wonder material also generates a type of magnetism once only dreamed of theoretically.

July 24, 2019 | Stanford News

A device that eavesdrops on the quantum whispers of atoms could form the basis of a new type of quantum computer.