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Inaugural Shoucheng Zhang Conference Celebrates Quantum Science and Engineering at Stanford

On April 7th, 2023, the inaugural Shoucheng Zhang Conference for Quantum Science and Engineering (ZCQSE) took place at the Stanford Alumni Center. Named in honor of the late Professor Shoucheng Zhang, a visionary scientist and mentor, the conference commemorated his profound impact on numerous areas of condensed matter physics. The ZCQSE showcased the work of faculty members and graduate fellows from the prestigious Shoucheng Zhang Fellowship program, which supports outstanding graduate students in quantum science and engineering.

Covering an extremely diverse range of topics, the conference featured 9 speakers and 17 posters from departments such as physics, applied physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, and material science. Shoucheng Zhang Fellows, including Aaron Charnay (Chemistry, 2021 fellow), Chaitrali Duse (Applied Physics, 2021 fellow), Dan Eniceicu (Physics, 2020 fellow), and Oleksiy Krutko (Electrical Engineering, 2020 fellow), were among the speakers.

Stanford faculty members presenting their research included Adam Bouland (Computer Science), David Goldhaber-Gordon (Physics), Todd Martinez (Chemistry), and Jelena Vuckovic (Electrical Engineering). These presentations highlighted the breadth and depth of research taking place within the Stanford community in quantum science and engineering. The event also featured a special lecture by the inaugural Shoucheng Zhang Lecturer, Professor Andrei Bernevig from the Physics Department at Princeton University, who captivated attendees with his insights into the world of topological physics.

Vice Provost and Dean of Research Prof. Kathryn Moler and Vice Provost for Graduate Education Prof. Stacey Bent provided opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction, as well as the legacy of Professor Zhang. Professor Zhang's widow, Barbara Zhang, and his son, Brian Zhang, attended the conference and the dinner held in the living room of the Alumni Center. Barbara Zhang shared precious memories of Shoucheng during her remarks, offering a personal glimpse into the life of the esteemed scientist.

The Shoucheng Zhang Conference serves as an annual gathering, providing researchers in quantum science and engineering with the opportunity to venture beyond their fields and explore new directions and collaborative opportunities. The conference also serves as a reminder of the immense impact Professor Zhang had on the scientific community. As the inaugural meeting, this conference sets the stage for a new tradition at Stanford.

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