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David Goldhaber-Gordon and Yuri Suzuki named 2022 AAAS Fellows

Congratulations to professors David Goldhaber-Gordon and Yuri Suzuki on being elected AAAS Fellows! 

AAAS describes its Fellows as “standout individuals” who have “advanced scientific excellence, tackled complex societal challenges, and pushed boundaries that will reap benefits for years to come.” 

DAVID GOLDHABER-GORDON – For singular discoveries involving strong electron-electron correlations and topology in nanostructures and twisted bilayer graphene.

Goldhaber-Gordon is a professor of physics in the School of Humanities and Sciences and principal investigator at the Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

YURI SUZUKI – For distinguished contributions to the field of condensed matter physics, particularly for the creation of new materials with designed properties.

Suzuki is a professor of applied physics in the School of Humanities and Sciences and a member of Stanford Bio-X.

Source: Stanford Report, "Four Stanford faculty named AAAS Fellows"

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