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Brendan Marsh and Tiffany Anna Paul have been awarded the 2021-22 Academic Year Q-FARM Fellowships

2021-22 Q-FARM Fellows

Brendan MarshPhD candidate, Applied Physics. Research focus: My group's research will investigate the use of driven-dissipative quantum systems as computational platforms. In particular, multimode cavity QED systems that leverage a neural network architecture with open quantum dynamics demonstrate great potential for solving real-world optimization problems and for memory storage. Our work involves engineering these quantum optical systems in the laboratory and formulating effective theories to describe their complex dynamics. 

My advisor is Benjamin Lev, Associate Professor of Physics and Applied Physics (


Tiffany Paul, PhD candidate, Applied PhysicsResearch focus: Using cantilever torque magnetometry to measure the magnetic properties of gated exfoliated quantum materials.

Advisor: Aharon Kapitulnik, Physics and Applied Physics 

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