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Class of 2023

Melissa Guidry, PhD in Applied Physics

Advice to those considering a degree at Stanford: I believe it is important to find an advisor who inspires you intellectually and in a personal way. When it comes to the PhD, my advice is to end up working on a project that feels intrinsically exciting to you. The currency in academia is publication impact factor and citations. The value that you place on your work should be independent from these metrics. 

Melissa earned her BS Physics and BS Math from College of William & Mary; and M2 Quantum Physics from École Normale Supérieure ICFP.

Class of 2021

Ilan Rosen, PhD Applied Physics

Advice to those considering a degree at Stanford: Throughout your degree process, take time to step back and remember why you are here: what are your interests, goals, and passions? Does your trajectory align with those values?


Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu, BS 2022
Class of 2022

Nazli Ugur Koyluoglu, BS in Physics with Honors, Minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, and History

Next Steps: Nazli is now pursuing her PhD in Quantum Science and Engineering at Harvard University. 

Her advice to those considering a degree at Stanford: Take advantage of the ample resources available to you, from research to mentorship, colloquia to student organizations. The guidance I have received from my mentors has been invaluable for my path in physics and quantum science.


Noah Shutty, PhD
Class of 2022

Noah John Shutty, PhD in Physics

Next Steps: Noah has joined the QEC Theory Team at Google Quantum.

His advice for those considering a degree at Stanford: I have found Stanford a great place to get a PhD. Besides the excellent faculty, postdocs, and students, perks include the interdisciplinary culture and crosstalk between fields.

My advice would be to "storyboard" your academic career by imagining which research groups, classes, and extracurriculars you might like to pursue here. Then look up current and former students whose paths might align with your storyboard and reach out to ask for their perspective.


Noah earned his BS in Mathematics and Physics, University of Michigan, 2015