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May 12 | 12:45 pm | Zoom ID: 987 676 025; Password: 777445
Brendan Marsh & Ognjen Marković (Stanford University)

Talk Title#1 : Memory and optimization with multimode cavity QED

Speaker#1: Brendan Marsh


May 13 | 10:30 am | Join SITP mailing list to receive meeting info
Micha Berkooz (Weizmann)

We consider the global fluctuations in the density of states of the SYK model. The connected contributions to the moments are much larger than the standard RMT correlations.

May 13 | 4:30 pm | Join SystemX mailing list
Prof Mark Kasevich (Stanford)

Innovations in quantum science and technology have enabled previously unforeseen levels of measurement and control over simple quantum systems comprised of atoms, electrons and photons.

May 14 | 2:00 pm | Join SITP mailing list to receive meeting info
Victor Gorbenko and Gonzalo Torroba
This second part focuses on understanding aspects of de Sitter holography using quantum information methods. We will present more details of the TTb+Lambda2 flow and its relation to dS/dS.
Stanford's vibrant research community supports several seminar series and colloquia that often host external speakers in the area of quantum sciences & engineering. 

The Q-FARM seminar series is designed to bring together the various groups in the university interested in quantum science and engineering. Seminars take place every other Wednesday at lunch time, with two speakers per session giving short talks on their research. The primary goal of these seminars is to strengthen the community and increase collaboration. Theoretical and experimental talks are balanced so that the whole community may participate.