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Autumn Quarter Quantum Science and Engineering Courses

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Akasha Hayden, BS 2023
Akasha Hayden, BS Electrical Engineering, 2023

I loved the opportunity to take this class.

PHYSICS 14N: "Monika consistently made the material engaging with live demonstrations and active class participation. I took this class my freshman spring, and it was phenomenal to be able to get an introduction to quantum information theory so early in my undergraduate career. It honestly set me up to be able to approach topics in quantum from a better angle since I already had an introduction to many of the topics. She even gave us an opportunity to talk with people who work in industry. Taking this class was truly an invaluable experience." 


classroom view, notes on laptop
Physics 14N Course Description

Quantum Information: Visions and Emerging Technologies is a freshman seminar taught by Physics Prof. Monika Schleier-Smith.

What sets quantum information apart from its classical counterpart is that it can be encoded non-locally, woven into correlations among multiple qubits in a phenomenon known as entanglement. The course discuss paradigms for harnessing entanglement to solve hitherto intractable computational problems or to push the precision of sensors to their fundamental quantum mechanical limits. The course also examines challenges that physicists and engineers are tackling in the laboratory today to enable the quantum technologies of the future.

Autumn Quarter Quantum Science and Engineering Courses

Quantum science and engineering courses at Stanford are available from a number of departments. We have created this list as a starting point for students to research and consider courses that align with their interests in quantum. Conversations with your faculty advisor and peer advisors are tremendously beneficial when considering courses and research interests.

Course Number: Course Name: Instructor(s)
APPPHYS 203 Atoms, Fields and Photons Safavi-Naeini; Simon
CHEM 173 Physical Chemistry II Fayer
CHEM 271 Advanced Physical Chemistry Fayer
CHEMENG 300 Applied Mathematics in the Chemical and Biological Sciences (CME 330) Shaqfeh
CME 309 Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis (CS 265) Wootters
CS 154 Introduction to the Theory of Computation Reingold
EE 216 Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices Pop
EE 222 Applied Quantum Mechanics I Miller
EE 247 Introduction to Optical Fiber Communications Kahn
EE 336 Nanophotonics Brongersma; Fan
MATSCI 331 Computational Materials Science at the Atomic Scale Sendek
MATSCI 405 Quantum Field Theory (QFT) for Engineering Applications (ME 403) Prinz
PHYSICS 13N A Taste of Quantum Physics (APPPHYS 13N) Lev
PHYSICS 134/234 Advanced Topics in Quantum Mechanics Stanford
PHYSICS 330 Quantum Field Theory I Mistlberger
PHYSICS 70 Foundations of Modern Physics Chu
PHYSICS 111 Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics Friedland
PHYSICS 170 Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory, and Statistical Mechanics I Feldman
PHYSICS 240 Introduction to the Physics of Energy Laughlin

Course number and name can change. Check Stanford Bulletin ExploreCourses for details.